Hosting Tips

Hosting is a service that allows you to host sites on the equipment of a third-party company. Relevant for webmasters who need this tool to launch a website on the Internet.

A good hosting should be powerful, fully comply with technical and system requirements, provide comfortable management and stable site operation. If you want to know more information, take a look at this site. Almost all hosters existing today meet the listed criteria.

Types and features of different hosting

To figure out what kind of hosting is right for blogging on WordPress, you need to determine their types and the main differences. The information presented in this section is relevant for the most part for beginners who are just planning to host their first website.


In another way, it is called Shared hosting. Suitable for both beginners and webmasters with extensive experience. Provides a functional control panel through which you can:

install any preferred CMS, including WordPress;
change PHP version;
add a new domain;
generate or open a backup;
create a directory for a new site;
adjust limits for downloadable content, etc.
Shared hosting is actively used for light sites – business cards, medium-sized online stores, information sites, blogs. Freely withstands the flow of visitors up to five thousand per day.


This is a virtual server, but its peculiarity is that it works on the basis of a physical one. This provides benefits such as:

increased protection against hacker attacks;
independence from other sites hosted on the same hosting;
dedicated IP address.
This option is ideal for websites and blogs with up to 10 thousand unique visitors per day. It is also used by webmasters running many projects at the same time, since the number of sites and databases supported is not limited by anything other than the physical resource of the server.

Dedicated server (dedicated)

In this case, the client leases the capacity of a full-fledged physical server located in the hoster’s data center, after which it uses its resources remotely. The client gets the rights of the main administrator and full control over everything that happens on the server.

This option is good for resources with up to 50,000 unique traffic per day (for example, an online store with a wide range of products and a large number of customers or a top-end information portal).

Hosting requirements for a WordPress site
The minimum requirements can be distinguished as follows (almost all major hosting services meet them):

MySQL version 5.6+
PHP version 7.3+
Secure HTTPS connection
The ability to install CMS “out of the box” through a specialized module
Apache or Nginx server with mod_rewrite link creation
Additional requirements that not all hosters provide, but which are highly desirable for comfortable and efficient work:

Control panel ISPmanager, cPanel or self-written
Fast and competent technical support
Uptime (uptime) 100% or so.
Affordable and flexible tariff plans with the ability to independently choose a list of services.
Short request processing time.
Regular backups (preferably at least once every three days) and automatic upload to Google Drive or Dropbox.
The hosting reputation should be positive, and you need to look at reviews on independent resources or thematic forums, where the probability of cheating is minimal.

How to choose the perfect WordPress hosting for your blog

There are two main things to do in order to find the one that is comfortable for you. The first is asking the site owners you know who have achieved good results in project management and can share their experience. The second is to independently test several platforms and evaluate their performance.

For the test, you can use both expensive and cheap tariff plans of various tiers. To evaluate the work, it is enough to install the latest version of WordPress and several popular plugins (Yoast SEO, Woo Commerce, Contact Form 7, etc.) on the hosting. Then launch some basic and more complex sites of different types. Let us consider in more detail the criteria that should be paid attention to in the assessment process.


It has been proven that if a site’s pages are loaded for more than two seconds, then visitors leave it. In the age of high-speed internet, nobody wants to wait. Good hosting provides instant page loading.

Server capacity

If the promotion of your site is successful, then at some point it will be in the top of the search results. And then thousands of people will start visiting it every day. It is necessary that the site withstands the load and does not lie down at the most inopportune moment.


Alas, WordPress sites are often hacked. But good hosting can prevent such an unpleasant situation and protect against hacker attacks. To do this, the company must provide a wide range of security measures – both built-in and optional, which are activated by the user himself.

Additional functions

To make the site management, its promotion and content more efficient, it is desirable to have additional tools included in the price, for example:

antivirus software;
built-in spell checker;
data caching to speed up loading.
The above set is enough to speed up, secure the site and make it more convenient for both the owner and the user.

Free trial period
Many companies are ready to provide new users with a free test mode for 2-4 weeks. This is a great opportunity to fully test the selected hosting and all its tariffs, and then determine whether you like this solution.

Tariff cost

When it comes to choosing a hosting for a blog on WordPress, the price is not the most important criterion. It is not always worth looking for cheaper options: there is a risk that the company will host the site on a slow and full server. And this will not have a positive effect on the speed of work and the satisfaction of visitors.

Free hosting should also be mentioned. Typically, they are incredibly problematic, crammed with ads, slow, and impose a lot of restrictions – including the inability to make a backup. It’s better to take the cheapest plan, but from a trusted company, than be tempted by free options.

At the same time, WordPress hosting doesn’t have to be prohibitively expensive. Some hosters offer quite comfortable options at a price of 150 rubles per month. Promotions are also common, but it should be understood that the promotion will end and you will have to pay in full.

Company size

On the one hand, buying a hosting from a well-known company is a guarantee of good technical support and the absence of any problems. Failures almost never happen. However, in fact, the situation is the opposite – due to the large number of clients, the team is not able to pay enough attention to every request. Answers have to wait a long time, they are often formulaic or even a robot answers. Small companies practice an individual approach to each client.